Your financial gifts to Eastside make a difference in the reach of our ministries. If you are a faithful giver to Eastside, we want you to know that we appreciate your support of this church. Below are a few ways that you can securely give online.

Begin Tithing

“Tithe” means ten percent. The tithe is the portion of our income we give back to God to show thanks for all He has blessed us with. Tithing is a way to worship God and to express our full trust in Him.

You can tithe with a one time gift, or you can fill out the offering envelope and drop it in the offering bag. You can also set up your tithe through online giving.

Do you have an old giving account?

If you have an old giving account, please log into your existing PushPay Account (here) or Vanco Account (here) and cancel any recurring giving (if you have it set up) there. If you need any help with this, one of our staff will gladly walk you through it over the phone. Just call our office at 859.624.9646. If you do not have recurring giving set up, just stop using PushPay or Vanco and you’ll be set.

How do I use the new giving service?

It's simple. Head over to our new giving portal here. From there, you can quickly create your account, connect it to whatever fund you choose to use (bank account, debit card, etc.), and start giving regularly (or one-time).

Text to Give

Simply text any dollar amount to 84321, look up our church on the link that gets sent back, and start giving. It takes a couple minutes the first time to find Eastside Community Church on the list and set up your account. After that, you can donate automatically in a matter of seconds. As would be expected, it supports all of the latest giving safety/security/technology standards.

Cash and Checks

Cash or checks can be given during any of our weekend services. We typically have ushers receiving these gifts near the exits of our worship center. You can make out the check to “Eastside Community Church” and use the memo line to specify whether your gift is for the General Fund or a special designation.