If you have been a part of Eastside for a while, then you can remember times when our church believed that God was asking us to do something, and we followed Him with faithful acts and sacrifices, and God honored that faithfulness and He did amazing things.


This year, God is showing us 2 specific kinds of families that we could serve. The first is families with children who have special needs. Our eBuddies program has been growing, but without dedicated facilities for these families, we can not serve them as well as we need to. These families need spaces with very specific attributes - like specific flooring, lighting, an entrance for wheelchairs, and more. God has been bringing us the people with the expertise to lead this ministry - both leaders and volunteers, and now we want to create the space to help these families with special kids, so that the parents can go to church and not have to worry.


The 2nd new ministry is also for young families. Newborns put a specific kind of pressure on young families, especially those where both parents are working. These families need childcare, and we believe God is leading us to explore this area by beginning to offer a limited Christian preschool. It is our hope to one day be able to offer a fully expanded daycare and preschool, but for now, we believe it is time to start with a limited offering right away and learn how to do this well.


The last ministry is a relaunch of something we have done for several years, and are excited about bringing it back this year! For many years, Eastside has partnered with Feed My Starving Children to produce healthy meal packs for kids all over the world. We haven't been able to help them this past year due to the pandemic, but we believe it is time to relaunch this amazing ministry.


Would you pray and ask God, "Father, what do you want to do through me to step into faith and help meet these needs?" When He answers you, and He will, would you be faithful? We are asking you to give above and beyond what you are currently giving with either a one time gift, an increase in your annual giving, or to start your generosity journey for the first time.