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Check out these two messages from special guest, William Paul Young, Author of "The Shack".
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Week 1 - "Spiritual Indifference" (Sermon Notes)
Week 2 - "Wisdom to Discern" (Sermon Notes)
Week 3 - "Grateful in the Grind" (Sermon Notes)
Week 4 - "Extravagant in Generosity" (Sermon Notes)

Week 1 - "Respect" (Sermon Notes)
Week 2 - "Love" (Sermon Notes)
Week 3 - "Serve" (Sermon Notes)
Week 4 - "Forgive" (Sermon Notes)
Week 5 - "Present Christ" (Sermon Notes)

Part 1 "Why God shaped you the way he did"
Part 2 "Unwrapping your Spiritual Gifts"
Part 3 "Finding your Place"
Part 4 "Using your Abilities"
Part 5 "The Purpose of Your Personality"
Part 6 "Employing your Experiences"

Part 1 "He is a Good, Good Father"
Part 2 "His Grace is Enough"
Part 3 Darryl Strawberry "God of Second Chances"
Part 4 "His Grace is Enough"
Part 5 "God Speaks to Us Through"
Part 6 "Is the Anchor for your Soul"

Ted Williams
"The Man with the Golden Voice"